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Bathroom Design

We want you to rest assured that we understand bathroom design is more than the simple selection of finishes. Each choice, from faucets and bathtubs to cabinetry and countertops, has a “behind the scenes” impact on the overall space. Vanities must be tailored to plumbing selections, layouts may dictate shower and bathtub requirements and unique fixtures must be considered with the greatest of care. Our team of designers will apply their seasoned wisdom in working with a variety of plumbing selections to help guide your expectations from the start.

We then move to understanding your desired aesthetic. Is there a bathroom design you’ve seen that inspires you? Have you experienced something at a spa or on vacation that you would love to see in your home? Are there luxury items you long to incorporate in your master bathroom to create a more pleasing overall experience? The answers to these questions are paramount in creating the bathroom design of your dreams.

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We help you navigate the bathroom design process to achieve a space that reflects your personal style and needs.

At TruKitchens, the bathroom design process starts with examining the overall functionality of the space. We work with you to determine if the existing layout is meeting your needs or if there are major flaws that need addressing. These solutions may be as extensive as taking space from another room or completely relocating plumbing.

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