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Home Remodeling

Our home remodeling process consolidates the tedious tasks and minimizes project management stress so you can enjoy the transformation.

Years of working side-by-side our clients in every area of their home have exposed us to the highs and lows of the home remodeling process. We knew there had to be a better way to manage these projects in order to minimize the strain on the client while maximizing the beauty of the final product. Through the finetuning of our efforts across multiple projects TruKitchens’ home remodeling process was born.

Our Process

On-site Consultation

This initial meeting takes place in your home and includes the project designer. We work diligently to understand your overall project goals, your personal style preferences and gather dimensions necessary to propel us into the next step in our home remodeling process. Our main goals at this meeting are to get to know you, introduce you to our process and ensure you are comfortable with the direction of the project.

Preliminary Drawing Presentation

The information gathered at the consultation helps us create an initial sketch of your remodeled space and is presented at our showroom. Layout changes, special features and initial concepts will all be roughed in to confirm we understand your overall needs. This sketch reflects your home remodeling vision paired with our design recommendations and begins the transformation of ideas into a finished product.

Experiential Rendering With Finish Selection

Next, three-dimensional renderings, or Sketch-Up models, are created to help you fully envision your dream space, choose finish options and customize details. This step of the process is what TruKitchens’ home remodeling team apart from the rest. The project designer will apply their knowledge of interior design to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Trade Walkthrough

The project manager will then schedule a walkthrough at your home with all necessary trades to ensure precise scope per the design and corresponding pricing. This single meeting saves valuable project time and ensures your daily life isn’t repeatedly being interrupted by trade consultations. Following the walkthrough, the project manager will assemble accurate pricing and a proposed schedule for the home remodeling project.

Pricing Presentation And Project Scheduling

You will meet with the project manager at our showroom to be given a full presentation of the pricing and project schedule. Detailed line items help you understand where each dollar is being spent and a descriptive calendar helps you understand how long each step of the process takes. Typically, there are a few revisions to get the project to the scope and budget you are comfortable with before the work begins.

Project Execution

At TruKitchens, we are uniquely equipped to manage every aspect of your home remodeling project. We work diligently to keep the job site, your home, clean and orderly during execution. Our project managers will do all the scheduling and management of the trades as they complete your renovation. He or she will be your problem solver, minimizing your stress and maximizing your enjoyment as you watch the transformation of your home. The interior designer will ensure all the finishes are ordered according to your selections and the final product beautifully reflects your personality.

At the completion of your home remodeling project we deploy a team of cleaners and perform a final walk-through to help us establish a punch list of any outstanding items to adjust to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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