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Outdoor Kitchen Design

We offer NatureKast weatherproof cabinetry, an alternative to brick and stone surrounds or stainless steel and high-maintenance real wood cabinetry. This revolutionary product line uses extremely durable PVC cabinet and drawer boxes combined with high-tech resin doors, drawer fronts, panels and planks that replicate the look and feel of real wood. Outdoor kitchens and living spaces using NatureKast products will stand up to humidity, high heat, freezing temperatures and much more. This product eliminates the maintenance of real wood and will last for years to come.

The entire NatureKast system is very well engineered making it easy to design with, order and install. The product line comes in many different finishes and door styles, including those created to match Trex decking products exactly. Our team of designers will work with you to design your dream outdoor kitchen or living space by first understanding how you want to use the space and then your desired aesthetic. The design can be as simple as counter support on either side of a grill or it can incorporate entertaining extras such as warming drawers, cooling drawers, sinks, refrigerators and more.

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High style and low maintenance products are at the heart of our outdoor kitchen designs. Let us expand the entertaining potential of your home.

An outdoor kitchen will transform your backyard into an oasis where you can spend quality time entertaining family and friends. Personalization is the key to good design in recreational spaces like these. Quality products that take the maintenance out of the equation will reassure that you will enjoy the space season after season.

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